Country: U.S.A.
Type: couple mixer
Formation: even number of couples in two rows, couples facing couples
Steps: buzz, walk
Music: any 32-bar jig, eg "Irish washerwoman", or reel such as "Oh Susanna"

    Dance progression
1-4 (a) All except top and bottom M and W give L hand to corner, and turn full turn on the spot CCW, 8 walking steps.
5-8   Take waltz hold with partner, and dance 8 buzz steps, turning CW on the spot.
1-4 (b) Half-chain across with opposite couple diagonally to the L, finishing with courtesy turn. 8 walking steps.
5-8   Half-chain back with opposite couple, finishing with courtesy turn. 8 walking steps.
Now all couples have moved 1 position to the left, with the exception of the left-most couples in each row, which have moved to the opposite row.
9-12 (c) All W R-hand chain across and are turned by opposite M with courtesy turn.
13-16   All W R-hand chain back to place as above. 8 walking steps.
9-12 (d) Opposite couples form small, closed circles, and circle CW. 8 walking steps.
13-16   Opposite couples take L-hand star and circle CCW. 8 walking steps. Finish in place.

Provenance: taught by Lis Broholm, Toronto ON, as danced by Lystrup Kadriljen in Denmark.
Printed source: Hamborg, Svend 12 udenladske folkedanse. Udg. Svend Hamborg. Thy, 1983..
Description by: Lis Broholm 2012-11-02. Rev. Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-01-11.

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