Heel and toe polka

Type: couple dance
Formation: any number of couples in open circle. Waltz hold.
Steps: heel-toe step, polka
Music: any 4/4-time polka, with 2 strong beats to the bar.

    Dance progression
1-2 (a) Touch ML/WR heel to the floor in the direction of the LOD (1), touch ML/WR toe to the floor beside opposite foot (2).
3-4   Step ML/WR foot in the LOD, and close opposite foot (3), and step ML/WR foot again in the LOD (4).
5-8   Repeat above in RLOD, ie beginning with MR/WL foot.
1-8   Repeat (a).
:9-16: (b) Polka with partner, moving in LOD. 16 polka steps.
    Repeat as desired.

Provenance: derived from N. Roy Clifton's description in liner notes accompanying Smithsonian Folkways CD Old time couple dances, fiddle and accordion (FW08827), 1961.
Description by: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-10-09

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