La Pieternelle

Country: Flemish parts of Belgium and northern France
Type: mixer
Formation: any number of couples in open circle, holding inside hands and facing in LOD
Steps: sidesteps, schottis promenade steps
Music: (CD) Rose, Marion Dansez en français 2009 (CPD04) track 20.

    Dance progression
1 (a) All dance one sidestep to L, beginning with L foot, ie. step sideways L, close R, step L, touch R.
2-3   All dance 4 sideteps to the R, beginning with R foot, ie step sideways R, close L, step R, close L step R, close L, step R, touch L.
4   All dance 1 sidestep to L, beginning with L foot, ie step sideways L, close R, step L, touch R.
1-4   Repeat (a) with opposite footwork, beginning stepping to R with R foot.
5-6 (b) All dance 2 schottis promenade steps forward in LOD, and beginning with outside foot (ML/WR).
7-8   All turn to face partner. M with back to centre of circle, W facing into circle. All stamp 3 times, then clap own hands 3 times.
9-10 (c) All take two-hand hold with partner. Beginning with outside foot (ML/WR) dance one sidestep in LOD, and one sidestep in RLOD.
11-12   Holding WR hand in ML, M dances in place, while W turns under joined arms with 4 step-hops.
9-12   Repeat (c)
13 (d) M take 2 walking steps forward to next partner (L R).
    Repeat from (a) as desired.

Provenance: taught by J.-C. in Edinburgh Balfolk, fall 2016.
Description by: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2017-04-07, rev. 2017-04-30.

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