Leenan jenkka

Type: set dance
Formation: even number of couples in open circle. Choreographed for 2 couples.
Steps: schottis/reinlender intro step (M; step L (1), R (2), L (3), lift/hop (4); W same but opposite footwork), pivot, step-lift/hop (whether step-lift or hop depends on the 'bounciness' of the music you are using).
Music: any schottis/jenkka of sufficient length

    Dance progression
1-4 (a) The 4 dancers come onto the floor from the 4 corners of the dance floor. 2 schottis intro steps, M starting with L, W with R foot.
Form a closed circle Circle moves CW with 4 step-lifts.
5-8   One schottis intro step into circle (5), one backwards out of circle (6), and 4 step-lifts moving CCW in circle (7-8).
1-4 (b) Circle moves CCW with schottis intro step (1), then CW with a second schottis intro step (2) (NB M dancing backwards). M moving up to take polska hold with partner and dance 4 step-lifts turning CW and moving CCW in the circle, maintaining position opposite the other couple. Finish facing opposite couple.
5-8   Couples drop polska hold, and with 2 schottis intro steps (5-6), change places with opposite couple, W passing on the inside. Take polska hold with partner and turn with 4 step-lifts (7-8).
9-12   Repeat place change above to return to place.
13-16 (c) M dance across to opposite W with 2 schottis intro steps, turning one-half turn CW after first step (14:1). W meanwhile dance one schottis intro step to the R (out of the circle)(13), and one schottis intro step to the L (14) to meet opposite M.
9-12   Take polska hold with opposite and dance 4 step lifts moving in LOD.
13-16   Repeat (c) to return to partner. On final 4 step-lifts one couple moves directly behind the other, all facing in LOD, to make 2 couple closed set, holding inside hands with partner, and M holding L hands and W holding R hands on the sides.
1-4 (d) The 2-couple set dances 2 schottis intro steps forward (1-2). After the lead couple backs under the raised joined hands (MR/WL) of the trailing couple, the trail couple shoulder-roll under own joined arms to end in front.
5-8   Repeat (d).
1-4 (e) The 2-couple set dances 2 schottis intro steps forward (1-2). The lead couple drops hold with partner and M turning CCW and W turning CW, dance around trailing couple to join hands at the back of the set, ie becoming the new trailing couple. 4 step-lifts.
5-8 (f) The 2-couple set dances 2 schottis intro steps forward (1-2). The lead couple raises joined hands and rolls away at the shoulders to face back, then pass their joined hands over the trailing couple which ducks and dances forward. 4 step-lifts.
9-12   Repeat (f).
13-16 (g) Couples drop hand holds, take open waist-shoulder hold with partner, and dance 2 schottis intro steps (13-14) followed by 4 step-lifts (15-16) to move away, one couple curing to the R, the other to the L.
9-12 (h) Couples take 'skaters' hold (hands crossed in front and both facing LOD). Couples dance 2 schottis intro steps moving in LOD (9-10). Drop hold with L hand, and turn one-half turn CW, with 4 walking steps (11-12).
13-16   Take L hand in L with partner, and dance 4 walking steps turning one-half turn CCW (13-14). Take waltz hold, and dance 2 polka steps turning CW and moving in LOD (15-16).
1-4 (i) Take open waist-shoulder hold and dance 2 schottis intro steps forward in LOD (1-2). Drop hold. W turns 2 full turns with 4 step-lifts moving in LOD, while M dances either ripatska steps or otherwise shows off following behind partner (3-4).
5-8,1-8 (j) Take skewed polska hold with partner, such that each stands with partner on their R (banjo position), ie R hip to R hip. Turn CW on the spot, 4 walking steps (5-6). Shift to regular polska hold and finish with 8 pivot steps turning CW and moving in LOD.

Provenance: devised by Leena Petäjä, Toronto, 2012-09-19
Note 1: devised to demonstrate a number of Scandinavian schottis/reinlender/jenkka variations, for a concert in Toronto 2012-09-28.
Note 2: originally devised to the music Gånglåt från Klockarberg, as recorded by Ensemble Polaris on their Uncharted waters CD (PIP1211) in 2011.
Description by: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-09-20, rev. 2012-09-21

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