Type: mixer
Formation: any number of couples in open circle, holding inside hands, facing LOD.
Steps: walk

    Dance progression:
1-2 (a) All walk forward in LOD, 4 walking steps. Turn toward partner to face in RLOD, and holding 'new' inside hands.
3-4   All walk backward in LOD, 4 walking steps.
5-6   All walk forward in RLOD, 4 walking steps. Turn toward partner to face in LOD, and holding original inside hands.
7-8   All walk backward in RLOD, 4 walking steps. Finish facing partner, dropping hand hold, M with back to centre of circle, W facing into circle.
9-12 (b) Clap own hands (9), partner's R hand (&), own hands (10), partner's L hand (&), own hands (11), partner's both hands (&), own hands (12).
13-14   Take waltz hold with partner and turn CW on the spot, 4 walking steps.
13-14   W turns CW under joined ML/WR hands, and progresses in LOD to next M who becomes new partner. 4 walking steps.
    Repeat from (a) as desired.

Source: devised by L Ruus to 'Undergrunden', a tango on the Svøbsk Kvartet Bjergtaget CD (GO0413), 2013.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-06-20

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