Country: Pakri saared/Rågöarna, Estonia
Type: couple dance
Formation: couples in open circle, holding inside hands, M facing out of circle, W facing in.
Steps: pas-de-bas, polka or polkka, walk
Music: on YouTube

    Dance progression
1-4 (a) Starting with outside foot (ML/WR), 4 pas-de-bas steps facing partner.
1-4   Facing in LOD and starting with outside foot (ML/WR), 3 walking steps in LOD (1-2), closing on last beat. Repeat in RLOD (3-4).
|:5-8:| (b) Take waltz hold, and dance turning polka, moving in LOD. 8 polka or polkka steps (depending on the speed and rhythm of the music).
    Repeat from beginning as desired.

Source: taught by Sigrid Öström from Rågö in Vancouver some time in the 1980s
Original description: Anna-Stina (Kjellström) Erickson , Vancouver, 198?
See also: <>
Translation and revised description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2015-09-14

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