Country: Canada
Type: ribbon dance
Formation: open circle of 5 couples (well, actually, any number of couples), each person holding a ribbon attached to a maypole in the centre of the circle
Step: waltz
Music: Solskinsvals from Jydsk paa Næsen's Går'n, så går'n CD, or other waltz with appropriate structure (AABB).

    Dance progression:
|:1-8:| (a) In open circle, all dance 8 waltz steps CW. Turn and repeat CCW.
|:1-8:| (b) Right-hand to own partner, turn one full turn CW on the spot with 2 waltz steps. Dance 2 waltz steps to next person (W moving CW around circle, M moving CCW). Repeat 3 times. Try to keep the CW twists in the ribbons in as straight a line down the pole as possible, and the ribbons flat on the pole.
|:9-16:|   Repeat (b).
|:9-16:|   Repeat (b).
    Repeat from (a) as desired. When pole is covered with woven ribbon, or ribbons are too short to proceed, tie them off, preferably in a bow.

Source: For a performance, the Danish Folk Dancers of Toronto needed a maypole ribbon dance, but descriptions of these are relatively rare, and those I found I didn't like. So I made this one up. Denmark has had a tradition of erecting a maypole (for example, on Avernakø), but whether or not ribbon dances were done around it is at present unclear to the author.
For additional ideas in winding ribbons around a maypole, see article in Bittersweet vol. IX(3), Spring 1982.
Devised by: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2013-05-01

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