Vienna waltz (per John Madsen)

Country: Denmark (?)
Type: couple dance
Formation: open circle of couples, two-hand hold, arms extended at shoulder level. M facing RLOD, W facing LOD.
Steps: tyrolervals, waltz
Music: any waltz with a moderate tempo. Originally choreographed for one of Franz Schubert's waltzes.

1-4 (a) Beginning with ML/WR foot, 4 waltz steps in LOD, M moving backward, W forward. 4 waltz steps.
5-8   Take waltz hold, 4 turning waltz steps, moving in LOD. Finish facing forward, inside hands joined, W on M's right side.
9-10 (b) Couples dance 2 tyrolervals steps moving in LOD.
11-12   Couples dance 2 waltz steps turning away from each other, ie M CCW, W CW, one full turn. Finish side by side, holding inside hands.
13-16   W turns CW under joined inside hands, while M dances forward in LOD. 4 waltz steps. Finish with two-hand hold, as at beginning.
17-24 (c) Repeat (a).
25-28   Maintaining waltz hold, dance reverse waltz, ie turning CCW, moving in LOD. 4 waltz steps.
29-32 (d) Dance 4 tyrolervals steps, moving in LOD.
    Repeat from (a) as desired.
The last time it is danced, partners face (31-32), step sidways, and bow/curtsey.

Source: Bryans, Helen L. and John Madsen Scandinavian dances. Book II. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin & Co. Ltd., 1942. p. 23
Revised description: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-08-03, rev. 2017-07-17

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