Country: Estonia
Type: set dance
Formation: any number of couples holding hands in a closed circle or single file
Steps: Voorvalss step (a running waltz step, bending the body forward from the waist on beat 1 of each bar. M and W start with outside foot (ML/WR))
Music: waltz

    Dance progression:
[varies] (a) All form closed circle, and dance CW, Number of Voorvalss steps varies.
[varies] (b) Lead dancer 'snakes' the line. Finish in closed circle. Number of Voorvalss steps varies.
[varies] (c) Chain: all face partner, and take R-elbow hook. Turn one full turn CW on the spot with 3 Voorvalss steps. Take L-elbow hook with next person in the circle (1 Voorvals step, M moving CCW, W moving CW around the set) and turn one full turn CCW on the spot with 3 Voorvalss steps. Continue on around the set, alternative R-elbow hook and L-elbow hoot, and turning one full turn with 3 Voorvals steps with each person encountered.

Source: Stockton Folk Dance Camp/Syllabus 2003.Stockton,. CA: Stockton Folk Dance Camp, 2003

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