Ruotsin katrilli Viitasaarelta

Country: Viitasaari, Finland
Type: set dance
Formation: 4 couples in two lines facing, 2 couples on each side.
Steps: waltz
Music: notes; mp3 file

    Dance progression
|:1-8:| 1 (a) Piiri: all couples form a closed circle, and circle CW 8 waltz steps, followed by 8 waltz steps CCW. Finish in lines as at start.
9-12 (b) Karkelo: M begin with L foot, and dance:
2 waltz steps diagonally to the R of opposite M (9-10) until they are almost L-shoulder to L-shoulder,
1 waltz step turning CCW (over L shoulder) (11) to change place with opposite M and facing own place,
1 waltz step diagonally backwards to opposite place (12).
13-16   After a brief nod to opposite W, M repeat to return to original place, 4 waltz steps (13-16).
9-16   W repeat (b). Note that their first 2 waltz steps are danced straight forward. Begin with L foot
17-20 (c) Vastuu ja läpikäynti: All couples, holding inside hands at shoulder height, advance 2 waltz steps (17-18),
retire 2 waltz steps (19-20),
21-24   All drop handhold and dance through opposite couple (2 waltz steps, 21-22), passing on the L, W passing on the inside, and finish by resuming handhold and turning as a couple CCW on the opposite place (M backwards), 4 waltz steps (23-24).
17-24   Repeat (c) to return to place.
|:25-32:| 2 (a) Piiri: Repeat (1a).
|:33-40:| (b) Karkelo: Repeat (1b).
|:25-32:| (c) Vastuu ja läpikäynti: Repeat (1c).
|:33-40:| 3 (a) Piiri: Repeat (1a).

Source: documentation provided on Nordlek 2015 web site. See also mp4 file
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2014-10-15

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