Åtteparsdansen, Rogaland

Country: Rogaland, Norway
Type: set dance for an even number of couples
Formation: 8 couples in a circle; couples are numbered from 1 to 8 CW in the circle. More couples can participate, but there should be an even number. This description is based on 8 couples. Couples hold R hand in R hand, facing into circle, with free hand on hip, fingers pointing forward, thumb pointing back.
Steps: step-hop, two-step with hop, walk
Music: Norwegian reinlender, usually Sørensens reinlender.

    Dance progression
:1-8: 1 Couples 1 and 5 start on outside foot (ML/WR), and dance 1 two-step with hop (stamp on first beat) followed by 2 walking steps toward opposite couple. On last beat, couples nod to each other, turn around on the spot, to face out of circle, without dropping hand hold (ie. M turns CW, W turns CCW). Dance back to place, starting with MR/WL foot, 4 step-hops. Turn with a nod to partner, to face into circle, again without dropping hand-hold.
Couples 2 and 6 repeat. Then couples 3 and 7 repeat, followed by couples 4 and 8.
:1-8:   Repeat part 1.
:9-16: 2 Couples 1 and 5, beginning with outside foot (ML/WR), dance towards each other with 1 two-step with hop (stamp on first beat), pass through on-coming couple with 1 two-step, resume R-in-R hand-hold and continue to opposite place with 4 step-hops. On the last 2 step hops, they turn one-half turn around each other, so that W returns to M's R side.
Couples 2 and 6 repeat. Then couples 3 and 7 repeat, followed by couples 4 and 8.
:9-16:   Repeat part 2 to return to original place, as above.
:17-24: 3 All face partner, and beginning with L foot, dance R-hand chain with two-steps (stamp on first beat of first bar) to first meeting with partner. Turn half-way round CW with partner and chain back the other way (stamp on first beat of first bar) until next meeting with partner.

Provenance: documented by Klara Semb, probably in the 1930s. It was first published in 1935.
Note: this was one of the combined dances for Nordlek 2000.
Source: Semb, Klara Norske folkedansar II: rettleiing om dansen. Oslo: Noregs Boklag, 1971 pp. 209-211.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-05-10

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