Hambo från Turinge

Country: Sweden
Formation: couples, open circle, Ms backs into centre, holding both hands with partner
Type: mixer
Steps: hambo, step-swing, walk, waltz
Music: any moderate speed hambo, recommended tempo about 100.

  Dance progression
1-2 Beginning with ML/WR foot, couples dance 2 step-swings on the spot, and change to R-elbow hook.
3-4 Couples dance 3/4 turn around on the spot, 2 two-steps. Finish with M facing in LOD, W facing in RLOD.
5-8 Couples dance L-hand chain to 4th person (do not include partner in count), W moving CW, M moving CCW. 4 waltz steps.
1-2 Take two-hand hold with 4th person, dance 2 step-swings, beginning WR/ML as above.
3 With 3 small walking steps, M moves to next W CCW in the circle.
4-8 Take hambo hold with new partner, and dance 4 hambo turning steps, moving in LOD. Finish with 3 small walking steps moving into two-hand hold with current partner, ready to repeat from the beginning.
  Repeat from beginning as desired.

Source: <http://www.idi.ntnu.no/~torbjorn/Livskjelda/turinge.htm>
See also: Dancilla video
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-12-17.

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