Country: Sweden
Type: mixer
Formation: even number of couples in a square set, arm-in-arm with partner and facing LOD
Steps: walk, in figuré small hop steps and engelska steps. [In bars 13-20, either omdansnings-steg or buzz steps.]
Holds: during bars 18-20, waltz hold, except that ML hand is turned palm-up and open, as W rests her R elbow in ML hand, and with her R hand hold M's R arm at the elbow-crease.
Music: (CD) SUB/Musik till Svenska folkdanser del 1 cd 5 track 9.

Bars Sequence Dance progression
1-8 A All couples promenade arm-in-arm CCW around the set [16 walking steps].
1-8   All couples turn, M to the R, W to the L [ie towards partner], and promenade arm-in-arm CW back to place [16 walking steps].
9-20 B All turn to face partner and dance figuré for 4 bars (9-12), followed by turning on the spot (13-20) [with either omdansningssteg, or buzz steps].
M bows to partner and passes her forward to next M in LOD, while in turn receiving next W from couple behind. With a bow, M offers his arm to new partner, and promenade starts again.
    Repeat from A until all M have danced with all W in the set.
    Note: according to Johansson, Wictor "Nordergutarnas spelmanslag - Om konstruktion av gotländsk folkmusiktradition" in I rollen som spelman…Uppsatser om svensk folkmusik Monfarino or Mon farino was often danced as 'dessert' after a quadrille [on the island of Gotland].

Source: Karlson, Gustaf (red.) Svenska folkdanser och sällskapsdanser. Stockholm: Svenska Undomsringen för Bygdekultur, 1944. pp. 106, 147.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville ON, 2015-08-06.

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