"Norsken", waltz variant from Rogsta

Country: Rogsta, Hälsingland, Sweden
Formation: couples, open circle, holding inside hands (low)
Steps: waltz, with emphasis on beat (1)
Music: any old time waltz with a :1-8::9-16: or :1-16: structure
Video: Dancilla

  Dance progression
1-2 Beginning with ML/WR foot, couples dance one waltz step in LOD, turning somewhat away from each other. Followed by one waltz step in LOD turning somewhat toward each other.
3-4 Dropping hand hold, M turns one full turn CCW, W turns one full turn CW, with 2 waltz steps.
5-8 Repeat bars 1-4.
9-16 Waltz hold, 8 turning waltz steps, either CW or CCW, in LOD.
  Repeat from beginning as desired.

Provenance: information about the dance was provided Johan Johansson Såhede, Rogsta, born 1896, and Gustav Westner, Djuphed, Hudiksvall, also born 1896. It was documented by Knuth Lehman, Rogsta, in December of 1976.
Note: this was one of the combined dances for Nordlek 2000.
Source: translated from a a Swedish description.
Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2012-05-10.

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