Stockholmsschottis with 3 sequences

Country of origin: Sweden
Formation: closed circle of couples, M facing out of circle, W facing into circle
Step: schottis (1 2 3 hop), sidestep, step hop
Music: <>

1-4 (a) One schottis step CCW (M starts with L, W with R foot), one schottis step CW. Drop handhold, and dance 4 step hops back to back to switch places, ie W dancing into circle and CCW while M dance outside the circle and move one place CW. Reform closed circle as at the start, ie with M facing out.
  Repeat 3 times. On last beat of final repeat, M turns CW and reforms circle, M are now facing into the circle.
9-10 (b) 4 sidesteps CW in circle.
11-12   With 4 step hops, M dances behind the W to his L, and reforms the circle again having moved one place CW. Meanwhile, W continue CW with 4 small sidesteps.
  Repeat 3 times.
17-18 (c) One schottis step away from each other, M moving into circle, W moving out of circle. One schottis step towards a new partner, ie the W 'behind' in the RLOD. W dance the schottis step diagonally forwards to meet a new M.
19-20   4 step hops round CW (two full turns) with new partner, double waist hold.
  Repeat 3 times.
    The dance repeats as desired.

Based on: Stockholmsschottis i tre turer
Note: this translation reflects the way the dance was taught for the 'samdans' at Nordlek 2003, as in this YouTube video. The original description above has part (a) done only once, part (b) done twice, and part (c) done twice.

The music used for Nordlek 2003 had the following text:

Vill Du komma till mej?
Ligga här bredvid mej?
Raidi raidi raidi raidi raidi raidi raaa
Ja' ska' inget göra
Se men inte röra
Raidi raidi raidi raidi rallanllaa
Sen när Du har somnat
Slumrat in och domnat
Raidi raidi raidi raa raidi raidi raidi raaa
Då min lilla Greta
Skall Du inget veta
Raidi raidi raidi raidi raidi raa
Won't you come to me?
Lie down here beside me?
Raidi raidi raidi raidi raidi raidi raaa
I won't do anything
Look but not touch
Raidi raidi raidi raidi rallanllaa
Then once you have fallen asleep
Deeply and completely asleep
Raidi raidi raidi raa raidi raidi raidi raaa
Then my little Greta
You won't know what's happening...
Raidi raidi raidi raidi raidi raa

See also on YouTube.

Translation: Laine Ruus, Oakville, 2011-10-11, rev. 2012-01-24

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