University of Toronto

Graduate Department of English

ENG9900H: Professing Literature


Assignments in this course are designed to help in preparation both for teaching and for the teaching-related aspects of the job search. The three specific components of course work are: 1) preparation of a Teaching Dossier, including the full design of a course, samples of marking, and a statement of teaching philosophy 2) participation in a panel on a topic related to Pedagogy and English Studies and 3) a teaching interview. The grading in this course is credit/non-credit; students must complete all three components satisfactorily to receive credit.

Course work is divided into terms as follows (consult Course Schedule for specific due dates):

Fall Term:

Annotations of Bibliography

Formation of panels

Marking exercises

Beginning of Course Outline

Spring Term:

Further Annotations or Web Research on Curriculum

Completion of Course Outline

Preparation of Teaching Philosophy Statement

Panel Presentations

Individual Interview


By the end of the course, students should have:

1) a collection of examples for specific teaching situations drawn from experiences across the faculty: approaches to specific texts, ways of teaching critical skills, ways of responding in difficult classroom situations, etc.

2) a file of examples of course outlines and interesting assignments (in Resource Folder)

3) experience in discussing pedagogical matters relating to the teaching of English literature and a broad knowledge of current issues in the profession

4) a knowledge of resources upon which to draw for help in teaching

5) practice in responding to the types of question often asked in the teaching part of job interviews

6) a provisional Teaching Dossier, to be updated and completed during progress through the rest of the programme