University of Toronto

Graduate Department of English

ENG9900H: Professing Literature

Assignments (2000-2001): 

Assignments in this course are designed to help in preparation both for teaching and for the teaching-related aspects of the job search.

The specific components of course-work are:

1) Annotations of three texts about teaching (see course bibliography and/or select your own; but they must specifically address pedagogy) and/or web sites with resources for teaching (due October 31); the hope is that this research will help your development of a teaching philosophy or of a course; I'll use your materials to enhance our course web site)

2) An outline of a "lesson plan" for a specific text or topic, with a commentary on purpose and method (due Jan. 10, for circulation to the class for workshopping on Jan 24 and Feb 7).

3) The full design of a course: outlined on separate page (course description due by Nov. 22; reading list, assignments, marking scheme, class schedule by Feb. 7; revised full design by April 11)

4) A statement of teaching philosophy (1 1/2 to 2 pages) (draft due by February 7; revised version due by April 11)

5) An Individual Interview (after February 7)

6) Workshop preparation and class participation (may include readings, sample marking, review of textbooks, etc.)

The grading in this course is credit/non-credit; students must complete all six components satisfactorily to receive credit. Note that any of the above work may be completed before the due dates, as best fits your schedule.


By the end of the course, students should have:

1) a collection of examples for teaching English Literature drawn from experiences across the faculty: approaches to specific texts, ways of teaching critical skills, ways of responding in difficult classroom situations, etc.

2) a broad knowledge of current issues and trends in the profession

3) experience in discussing pedagogical matters relating to the teaching of English literature (relevant to the job interview)

4) a knowledge of resources upon which to draw for help in teaching

5) an embryonic Teaching Dossier, to be updated and developed during progress through the rest of the programme