University of Toronto

Graduate Department of English

ENG9900H: Professing Literature

Your Work in Course Design this Year (2000-2001):

1. A "Course Proposal" of the kind that would be submitted to a Calendar and Curriculum Committee. (course title and course level; a definitive statement of the course topic; one or two supplementary paragraphs, explaining the approach and/or the ideas to be addressed; a representative list of some texts or authors that might be included; any prerequisites. Important characteristics: clarity, brevity, interest; look for good models. Due November 22

2. Draft of the following Course Materials: Due February 7 (along with draft of teaching philosophy statement)

a) A List of Required Texts (available and affordable)

b) Assignments (consider assignments that develop research abilities, critical thinking; think about using several smaller assignments as preparation for a big one; decide whether or not some assignments might be on cultural, historical materials rather than on the primary texts; consider incorporating some technological aspects: use of web page; e-list; on-line bibliographies, journals, OED, CD-ROM Major Authors; web searches; the use of DNB on CD-ROM; student web pages, etc.)

c) Marking Scheme (how might you build in class participation, class presentations, especially in large classes?

d) Detailed Class Schedule

3. Interview on draft materials (after February 7)

4. Complete Course Handout Due April 11 (end of term):

The Components of a Course Handout (usually in this order):

1. Your Name, Office Location, Telephone and Email, Office Hours (hypothetical)

2. Course Web Site (optional)

3. Course Description, Prerequisites

4. Course Goals (concepts and skills; optional in practice but advisable for this exercise)

5. Reading List (Prescribed Editions? Where ordered?)

6. Assignments and Marking Scheme; Due Dates

7. Penalties for Late Work (and instructions for submission of essays and assignments)

8. Warning about Plagiarism

9. Class Schedule (weekly? daily? how much detail?)

10. Student Information Questionnaire (optional)