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Graduate Department of English

ENG9900H: Professing Literature

Instructor: Melba Cuddy-Keane

Office: Rm. 2103, 7 King's College Circle, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3K1

Tel.: 978-3191 (St. George Campus); 265-4660 (home)


Course Time: Wednesday 4-6 (approximately every second week, September-April, 2000-2001)

Location: Room 2000, 7 King's College Circle

Course Description

This course, required of and limited to Year II doctoral students in English at the University of Toronto, will address topics in the teaching of English literature at the university level. The course is designed to provide the foundations for an informed, self-reflexive pedagogy and to help students develop effective methods for teaching literatures written in English to undergraduates. Guest faculty will discuss critical problems and issues specific to the teaching of literature over a range of historical periods and geographical areas. Curricular-related topics may include: the development of English as a discipline; linkages with the teaching of English at the secondary school and community college levels; potential directions for the future. Topics in applied pedagogy will balance theoretical discussion. Readings will include current pedagogical literature relating to English studies. Credit/non-credit.

"A classroom becomes a community around a text; you draw on everyone's experiences and readings--their whole humanity--as you focus on the work you've agreed to have in common." (Jenifer Sutherland, "Professing Literature," 1999-2000)

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Course Schedule
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