University of Toronto

Graduate Department of English

ENG9900H:Professing Literature

Course Schedule (2000-2001)

First Term:

Sept. 13: Goals of Teaching; Course Design; Discussion of Teaching Experience

Melba Cuddy-Keane

Sept. 27 First Premises: The Design and the Goals of a First-Year Introductory Course

Guest: Russell Brown

Oct. 11: Teaching Poetry:

Guests: Jill Levenson; George Clarke

Oct. 25 Teaching Historically (pre-1800)

Guests: David Townsend; David Klausner; Germaine Warkentin

Nov. 8 Designing Assignments; Marking Strategies

Guests: Margaret Procter; Martin Reinink

Nov. 25 The Large-Group Lecture Course

Guest: Tom Adamowski

Dec. 7 Lesson Plans; Discussion of Course Designs

The Class

Second Term (Tentative Programme):

Jan. 10 Teaching Long Novels

Guests: John Baird; Marjorie Garson

Jan. 24: The Teaching Philosophy Statement; Discussion of Lesson Plans

The Class

Feb. 7 Bringing Theory into the Undergraduate Classroom

Guests: Jill Matus, Elizabeth Harvey

Feb. 28 Teaching with Sensitivity to Cultural and Gender Diversity

Guests: Paul Downes; Marlene Goldman

Mar. 14 Workshopping Lesson Plans (continued)

The Class

Mar. 28 All the Things We Haven't Talked About

The Class at the GSU Pub

Apr. 11 Teaching with Technology

Ian Lancashire; Carol Percy; Russ Kilboun; Alan Chong


Assignments and Goals