We havenít reserved any rooms, but there are a large number of hotels and a few campus residences near the conference site.It should be straightforward to find a place.


A good place to look is hotels.ca or your favourite travel site (eg. expedia.ca or travelocity.ca )

Prices on these sites are often considerably less than on the hotel website.

Hint: Choose hotels near Downtown Toronto then use mapquest or Google Earth to find the distance to the conference site at 91 Charles Street West.


Those interested in a bed and breakfast can search http://www.bedandbreakfast.com/


Some recommended hotels near the conference site (price, distance to Victoria College)

($=fairly cheap,$$=mid-price,$$$=expensive [$180-$260],$$$$=very expensive)

Park Hyatt Toronto ($$$, 0.2 km)

Hotel Intercontinental ($$$, 0.3 km)

Howard Johnson ($$, 0.6 km)

Holiday Inn Midtown($$, 0.7 km)

Marriott Bloor Yorkville ($$$, 1.0 km)

Delta Chelsea Inn ($$-$$$, 1.6 km)

Marriott($$$, 2.1km)

Metropolitan Hotel ($$-$$$, 1.8 km)

Sheraton Centre ($$$, 2.2 km)

Holiday Inn on King ($$$, 2.8 km)

Royal York ($$-$$$$, 2.8 km)

Westin Harbour Castle ($$$-$$$$, 3.6 km)


Additional campus residences ($ and all within less than 1 km)

Victoria College

St. Michaelís College

Trinity College

Massey College

New College

Graduate House

University College(one week minimum)