The REFLEX Project (Research in Early French Lexicography) aims to edit and analyse bilingual dictionaries compiled in France before 1500.
REFLEX is also part of EDICTA - The Early Dictionaries Centre/Le centre des Dictionnaires Anciens
A alma
14th century
Latin-French dictionary
Paris, BNF. lat. 13032
M ontpellier-Stockholm Catholicon
late 14th century
Latin-French dictionary
Montpellier, Fac. de Médecine, H110, Stockholm, Bibl. Kungl. N78
G lossarium Gallico-latinum
15th century
French-Latin dictionary
Paris BN lat. 7684
V ocabularius familiaris et compendiosus
15th century
Latin-French dictionary
G. Le Talleur, imprimeur à Rouen, c.1490

The Glossarium Gallico-latinum has been edited by Brian Merrilees and †Jacques Monfrin in Duo Glossaria, volume II the series Corpus Christianorum : Continuatio mediaevalis: Lexica Latina Medii Aevii : Nouveau Recueil des lexiques latins-français du moyen âge : Brepols Publishers, Turnhout, Belgium, 1998. Volume I of the series was the Firmini Verris Dictionarius : Dictionnaire latin-français de Firmin Le Ver, edd. Brian Merrilees and William Edwards, Turnhout, 1994. The Montpellier-Stockholm Catholicon and the Vocabularius familiaris et compendiosus are being prepared for the same series.

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