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Exercices de style

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In 1947, Raymond Queneau published a small tour-de-force, Exercices de style, replaying the same unexceptional scene in different words over and over -- 99 times -- using any literary, poetic, linguistic, philosophical device or conceit at hand. Despite its very French character, it even translates well into English (Queneau 1981). Inspired by Queneau, and in the selfconscious tradition, Matt Madden posted an arbitrary number (twenty plus one, and growing) versions of a similarly ordinary scene on the Internet, and asked a few friendly colleagues to assist.

In English <http://www.indymagazine.com/comics/style.shtml>.

In French <http://www.pipo.com/du9/du9/expo/expo_madden.htm>.

There are echoes of these styles throughout the rest of these pages.

1. Template

2. Monologue

3. Upstairs

4. Subjective

5. Voyeur

6. Soundfx

7. Photo-comic

8. Dailies

9. How-to

10. Exorcise

11. Inventory

12. Map

13. Deja vu

14. Closure

15. Manga

16. Welcome

17. A Life

18. Roygbiv

19. One panel

20. Thirty panels

21-Dynamic Constraint









Now that you've exercised . . .

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