Second Essay Assignment

Choose one of the topics below, and write an essay on the topic you have chosen. You should make some effort to respond to the question(s) posed by the essay topic.

Your essay should have a thesis, a theory or statement you want to prove or defend in the essay. The thesis should be stated clearly in the introductory paragraph. The whole essay should contribute to proving or supporting the thesis.

The essay should be between three full pages and four and a half pages: do not submit an essay that is shorter than three full pages, and do not submit an essay that is longer than five full pages. Use a 12-point Times New Roman font. Use double-spaced lineation. Do not add extra lines between paragraphs (other than the one blank line). Use one-inch margins on all four sides of the page. (Caution to Microsoft Word users: make sure the margins are correct.) Use left-alignment justification only (no full justification). Do not include a separate title page. Follow the essay presentation guidelines and example on pages 404-412 of Hacker.

Document your sources properly in a Works Cited page (which does not count as part of the length of the essay). For this assignment, you should not use any source other than the literary text(s) and authoritative reference sources (such as the Oxford English Dictionary).

Please include your seminar instructor’s name at the top of the first page (where you put your teacher’s name), along with your section number.

The essay is due on November 19th before the lecture starts. In recognition of the fact that you have possibly been sick or will possibly get sick, you may hand in the essay up to one week late without penalty. After November 26th, late essays will be penalized according to the lateness policy included on the course syllabus. Essays submitted by November 19th will be returned by December 8th; essay submitted by November 26th will be available to be picked up by December 14th.

The essay must be submitted to prior to being submitted to your instructor.

  1. In As You Like It, Rosalind and Orlando develop their relationship in the Forest of Arden, away from the world of the court. Compare this with the location(s) for the development of Dick and Fancy’s relationship in Under the Greenwood Tree. What is the importance of having these two pairs develop their relationships where they do?
  2. Compare Touchstone and Thomas Leaf. How do their portrayals and functions differ within their stories?
  3. The subtitle of Under the Greenwood Tree is A Rural Painting of the Dutch School. Using one to three examples of Dutch school painting, explain the significance of the novel’s subtitle. (Try to include images of the paintings in your essay: the images do not count towards the essay’s page count.)
  4. Compare the functions of Rosa Halborough and Fancy Day. What does each character represent in her story? How does what she represents get treated by the story?
  5. Discuss the various types of transformations that happen in the woods, using all three ballads: “Lord Randall,” “Thomas Rhymer,” and “Robin Hood and Little John.” What are the significances of these transformations?