Final exam

Duration: 180 minutes

Part I (20%)
A. Identify the part of speech of the underlined words. (20 answers)
B. Identify whether the underlined word is the subject, subject complement, direct object, or indirect object. (20 answers)
C. Identify whether the following sentences are written using the active or the passive voice. (10 answers)
D. Identify whether the underlined words constitute a phrase or a clause. (10 answers)
E. Choose the correct form of the pronouns in the following sentences. (10 answers)
F. Choose the correct option in the following sentences. (5 answers)
G. Rewrite the following sentences, fixing any problems with language usage. (5 answers)

Part II (20%)
Choose two of the following three passages. For each passage you choose, write an analysis of the passage, focussing on the passage itself but also discussing its significance within the work from which it comes. Where appropriate, discuss the language, imagery, and symbolism of the quotation.

Part III (25%)
Read the following passage. It is an excerpt from a longer essay, ...... Write a short analysis of and response to the passage. If there are passages with which you agree or disagree, mention them and explain why (that is, defend your opinion). What parts of the passage are most interesting and valuable to the study of the novel? What parts of the passage might need further development? (Note that you do not have to respond directly to these questions.)

Part IV (35%)
Choose one of the following three topics and write a well-organized and well-written essay responding to it. In your essay, you must discuss three texts from our course in some detail. You may use a fourth and fifth text if you so wish. Note that the questions in the topics are meant to help guide your thoughts; you do not have to respond to the questions directly.


Part I should take no more than 36 minutes. Section F will give two or more options from which to choose. The options will usually be between two words, and you must choose the more appropriate word. These will mostly come from Hacker's section on Usage (W1, mostly).

Part II should take about 36 minutes. This means you have three to five minutes to plan each answer and thirteen to fifteen minutes to write each answer. All three quotations will be taken from texts covered in class after October 29 and will be identified by author and title.

Part III should take about 45 minutes. You should take fifteen minutes to read the passage carefully and plan your response. You should then take thirty minutes to write your response. The passage will be about Under the Greenwood Tree.

Part IV should take about 63 minutes. You should take ten to twenty minutes to plan your essay. Your essay should ideally have a strong thesis statement. Avoid re-telling the stories/content of the texts you discuss: focus on analysis.

Note that course texts for the exam (in particular, Part IV) do not include the five poems that were the topics of the first essay assignment and do not include the essay by Gilpin (which was dropped from the course). Do not write on any of these texts for Part IV.