Turnitin.com information page

It is a good idea to create your account on Turnitin.com about a week before your first paper is due. This will help prevent last-minute problems and any delay to your essay submission.

You only need to create one account on Turnitin.com. All your courses that require the use of the website can be accessed using your one account. What is needed in each case, however, is the class ID number and the class enrollment password.

Go to the website. If you have never created an account, click on "New User" and then on "Create a user profile" (under the "New students start here" title). Then click on "student" under the "Create a New Account" title. This will bring you to the "Create a New Student Account" page (which is an encrypted web page, to help protect your information).

You will need the class ID and the class enrollment password. These will be given to you during your seminar (they are different for each seminar section, so be sure to use the ones given to you for your seminar).

You will also need to create a password and a "secret question" on their system. None of your instructors will ever have access to the password and question/answer pair. We will, however, be able to see your email address (so you might want to consider not using sexy_stud_69@hotmail.com or DeathToTeachers@yahoo.ca as your email address).

Once your account is created, you should see the course information and the assignment information. When you are ready to upload your essay, you should have no trouble following the steps. You will receive a confirmation number after your essay has been uploaded. You do not need to bring us a receipt or number to confirm that your essay has been submitted: we'll see it ourselves when we log in.

Note: If we receive a printed copy of your essay and then find out that the essay has not be submitted to Turnitin.com, we will consider the essay as not yet having been submitted. An essay is submitted only after the essay has been submitted to Turnitin.com and handed in in paper format. Lateness penalties apply if one or both conditions have not been met. The essays submitted to us and to the website must, of course, be exactly the same.