Short Bibliography for Victorian Novel Studies

Note that this list is not meant to be exhaustive. You can use it as a starting point for a particular topic.

This list includes book-length studies only. If you would like to research essay-length studies, the best place to start is the MLA bibliography. University of Toronto users can access it here: MLA Bib.

This list does not include studies of individual texts or authors. One of the easiest way you can find these is by typing the author's name into a subject search on the library catalogue.

I will be periodically adding items to this bibliography.

Victorian history / social history

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The Novel (general)

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The Victorian novel

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Serial publication of Victorian novels

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Women studies

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Fallen women / Prostitutes

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Men studies

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Queer studies

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General fun

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Other bibliographies

There are plenty of bibliographies for the study of Victorian literature on web. A rather large one (though not really "comprehensive" as the compiler suggests) is on Susan R. Horton's website.