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Everything you can link to was written by someone. If you are using it for an essay or an assignment in any way (quote, paraphrase, or substantial background reading) you MUST give the author due credit.


U of T Philosophy Department

U of T Philosophy Course Union (PCU)

Faculty of Arts and Science

University of Toronto Homepage

U of T Libraries

U of T Health Services

U of T Psychiatric Service

U of T Counselling and Study Skills Service


David Chalmer's Home Page An excellent philosophy of mind site - resources, links to online papers, as well as Chalmer's own work.

Online papers on consciousness, compiled by David Chalmers: remember, these are all published articles and must be properly cited.

Bibliography: Philosophy of Mind, also by David Chalmers: an excellent list of contemporary articles on almost any topic in philosophy of mind.

Illusion Works Learn more about perception and misperception. Check out the Hall of Illusions

Skytopia: Dynamic Optical Illusions More fun illusions - check out the checker shadow illusion near the end.

Alan Turing Home Page

Chat with ALICE: a 'chat' robot. Does she pass the Turing Test?

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind, edited by Chris Eliasmith

Fun and Games from the Philosophers' Magazine. Check out Strange New World for Philosophy of Mind fun.


Logic and Fallacies, The Athiesm Web

Logic Puzzles, compiled by Arlet Ottens


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a project of the Metaphysics Research Lab, Stanford University

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by James Fieser

Peter Suber's Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

Picture Gallery of Philosophers (Philosophy, U. of Waterloo)

Fun and Games from the Philosophers' Magazine


Philosophy Paper Help ...

Writing in Philosophy: Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto

General Advice on Essay Writing: by Ronald De Sousa, University of Toronto

Writing a Philosophy Paper: by Peter Horban, Simon Fraser University

Philosophy Paper Writing Guidelines: by Tim O'Keefe and Anne Farrell, University of Minnesota at Morris

Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper: by Douglas W. Portmore, College of Charleston. (Also has many more writing philosophy paper links.)

Part 1: How to Read a Philosophy Paper; Part 2: How to Plan a Philosophy Paper; Part 3: How to Write a Philosophy Paper: Parts 1 and 2 by Jeff McLaughlin, University College of the Cariboo, and Part 3 by Istvan Berkeley, University of Southern Louisiana.

More Writing Help ...

Writing at the University of Toronto: Info, links, courses & more.

Style Guides (also for electronic sources) from York's Centre for Academic Writing

Standard Documentation Formats (Writing at the U of T)

Jack Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style

Honesty in Scholarship: U of T Philosophy Dept.'s statement

Avoiding Plagiarism: from The Writing Place, at Northwestern University

Code of Behavior on Academic Matters