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The PLS Archive Gallery

These pictures come from the PLS archives of the past twenty years or so. The site will be expanded as I have a chance to scan things in. We're limited at the moment by the fact that most of our archives are on slides (about 10,000 of them), and the technology to scan slides easily and cheaply is not yet available. One of these days... Since there have been frequent requests for pictures dealing with pageant wagons, I have indicated which groups include wagon pictures. Please feel free to download these images for teaching and research purposes.

At the moment, images are available from the following productions:

The York Cycle 1977
1.Fall of AngelsDevils
2.Creation of Adam and Eve
3.CrucifixionRaising of cross
5.Harrowing of HellAdam and Eve
6.Harrowing of HellAnima Christi
7.Last JudgmentCast moving wagon
8.Last JudgmentWagon set
9.Last JudgmentSet with angels and Christ
10.Last JudgmentWide view of set
11.Last JudgmentMichael herds bad souls to Hell
12.Last JudgmentChrist's Judgment
13.Last JudgmentChrist in majesty
14.Last JudgmentDevil
15.Last JudgmentTwo-level wagon under construction

The Castle of Perseverance 1979
1.Aerial view of site
2.World scaffold
3.Devil scaffold
4.Flesh scaffold
5.The Battle

The Chester Cycle 1983
1.PentecostTongue of fire 1
2.PentecostTongue of fire 2

N-Town Last Judgement 1988
1.Scaffolds and Hell Mouth
2.Scaffolds and Hell Mouth
3.Devils and damned soul
5.Devils and Hell Mouth
6.Heaven, with Michael and Gabriel

N-Town Assumption of the Virgin 1992
1.Panorama, including stage hoist

Three York Nativity Plays 1995
1.Joseph's Trouble
2.ShepherdsDouble wagon

Mankind 1995
1.Three Worldlings
2.Mankind and Titivillus

Three York Plays for Easter 1996
1.ExpulsionEve and Lucifer
2.ExpulsionAdam and Eve (and apple)
3.ExpulsionAdam and Eve and Angel
4.ExpulsionAdam's Lament
6.TemptationSatan tempts Christ
7.TemptationChrist reviles Satan
8.CrucifixionNailing 1
9.CrucifixionNailing 2
10.CrucifixionRaising 1
11.CrucifixionRaising 2
12.CrucifixionRaising 3
13.CrucifixionRaising 4

N-Town Trial of Joseph and Mary 1966
2.Bishop and Lawyers
3.Joseph and Mary

Gammer Gurton's Needle 1997
1.Hodge and Gammer

Sidebar image: Christ in Majesty, from the Stavelot Bible (11th century). Source image from Godecookery.com

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