3.1. Projects:

Research in interactional areas of language, linguistics and communcation. Coordinating the development of a research cluster in language ecology, cognition and communication at UTM at the Crossroads Centre . Collaborating with the Centre for Research on Biological Communication Systems in the Psychology department at UTM to investigate the interaction between cognition, speech and conversational behaviour. Research will include perception and processing of speech sounds in regards to discourse comprehension and role of memory, models of language production, and the role of cognitive and emotions in perceptual systems. Co-investigator in the research project sponsored by Bell University Laboratories at the University of Toronto on "Audio Spaces for Internet Multimedia Webcast Communications: Implementation and Evaluation".
(2003-present)  top

Design and implementation of a bilingual research and learning collaborative environment with Dr Derrick de Kerckhove (Mc Luhan Program in Culture and Technology, French Studies, U of T), Dr Russon Wooldridge (French Studies, U of T), Michael Edmunds (Information Commons, Information Studies, U of T), Dr James Crombie, (Philosophy, université Sainte-Anne, N.S.), Dr.Jacques Lajoie (Psychology, Université du Québec à Montréal) and Dr. Claude Denis (Sociology, Faculté Saint-Jean, University of Alberta). The Programme on Connective Communities in Canadais designed to engage award winners across Canada in communicating and exchanging ideas with Canadian fellows (their peers, experts and mentors) to debate, research and act on the issues of today. The researchers involved in the project are monitoring and studying the social impacts of information and communication technologies on learning communities to better understand and describe the role that mentoring could play in networked learning environments. Implemented in October 2000, the program is hosted at the McLuhan program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto and funded by the Canada Milennium Scholarship Foundation, the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto and affiliated institutions involved in the project.
(2000-2002)  top

Collaborated with Dr Russon Wooldridge , Dr David Trott , Dr Pascal Michelucci , Emilie Devriendt et alii on Le Net des Études françaises. The Net des Études françaises is a network, resulting from the synergy produced at the international conference on "French Studies enhanced by new communication and information technologies" (Toronto, May 2000). Its authors and collaborators are people who work in the field of French Studies and freely share their knowledge and products. They also believe in the importance of the empowerment of the cybernaut, whom they wish to help by providing critical tools. For that purpose NEF offers ACRE, which aims to help everyone - author, distributor, reader - to measure the various parcels of the field of French studies. (2000-present)  top

Project co-ordinator, research project on Language Evaluation and Assessment (LEAP). Liaising with Language Departments representatives at the University of Toronto to coordinate a research project which aims at developing standards for on-line testing of language proficiency that will meet each department particular needs in language teaching programs at the University of Toronto. The project's main objective is to evaluate students' perception of on-line tools designed to evaluate the four language skills. The research team is currently investigating as well how relational databases and tracking tools can help administrators and teachers gain knowledge on students learning profile. The multilingual tool sets will represent a robust, scalable and user-friendly platform for the creation and maintenance of online evaluation. The multilingual tool sets will be showcase in May 2003. The placement test for French Studies. was implemented in the Summer of 2002. (2000-present)   top

Project co-ordinator, Research on Literacies in Web education and Collaborative Environments for Language Learning (CELL). To ensure the implementation of this inter-departmental and inter-campus research project the Language Teaching and Learning Group at UTM is supporting the development of "Learning Environment" (LE) to be used next year in undergraduate courses in French Studies at UTM. There will be a particular focus on how language learners can become involved themselves in program curriculum development for courses in didactics and language through active participation in the on-going shaping of Learning Environment and/or through use of the on-line testing, communicating and learning technologies offered to the learners and instructors participating in the research. Analysis will focus on the educational technologies used in writing/speaking in a foreign or second language and more particularly on how these technologies can extend instruction beyond the classroom and serve as a means of fostering self-regulated learning strategies. Accordingly, this collaborative environment will support therefore an intranet-based research network among faculty members and students in language studies across campuses.

Project co-ordinator, with Dr Chris Lewoski, Director of CHASS (Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences) and Mike Stairs of a Multimedia Multilingual Database. The database was to provide language teachers and language learners with an easy way to locate authentic and pedogogical multimedia resources (text, audio, graphics and video files) used at the Multimedia Language Learning Centres for the purpose of language instruction and to search through multidisciplinary collections of objects that refer to a multitude of topics and are stored in a variety of digital formats. (1997-1999)  top

Project Manager, Networks, multimedia and communication, a research project on visual interfaces that foster acquisition of skills in Knowledge Media and IT in networked classrooms. Courseware was jointly developed by Louise Poissant (Programme de recherches en arts médiatique, Université du Québec à Montréal), Pierre Bélanger (Département de communication, University of Ottawa), Michel Sénécal (Téluq) to better understand mutation in writing and communication tools in networked classrooms. (1997-1998)  top

Co-designer and co-producer of a courseware on Intercultural Communication And Interlanguage Development In Francophone Cultures; Research on hypertext language and knowledge networks. Collaborating on a team composed of researchers from various Canadian universities : Glendon College, Université du Québec à Montréal and University of Ottawa. The study investigates how theories on hypertext and knowledge networks can inform our understanding of oral and written language development. It explores pedagogical applications to illustrate how media are used to disseminate knowledge in various francophone cultures. The study objective is to develop Web-based courseware on Intercultural Communication. (1998-2000)  top

Co-designer and co-producer of Paroles francophones, Courseware and CD-ROM on spoken French, offered at the University of Toronto and York University; Liaising with departmental representatives and relevant faculty experts in linguistics and phonology to ensure the deployment of resources and academic content which will answer needs of department in French Studies offering courses for specialists in sociolinguistics, oral language and spoken French. Design, production and Implementation of a multimedia database to further research on spoken French. (1998-2000)  top

Co-designer and co-producer of Situations d'oral, courseware developed to enhance oral comprehension and aural / oral production in oral courses in French Studies and answer needs of various learning patterns in language acquisition; Liaising with experts in Computer Science at the University of Toronto to develop the courseware. Training faculty and support staff in the use of this courseware in the Multimedia Language Learning Centres, as well as managing and overseeing its use. (1997-1999)  top

3.2. Databases and Websites:

  Language Evaluation and Assessment Project : LEAP
(graphic designer: Dusan Ljubicic, programmer Emma-Jane Hogbin)
  Collaborative Environment for Language Learning : CELL
(graphic designer: Dusan Ljubicic, programmer Emma-Jane Hogbin: )
  Language Departments Consortium, University of Toronto: LANG
(graphic designer: Dusan Ljubicic)
  Programme on Connective Communities in Canada: PC3 Village
(graphic designer: Dusan Ljubicic)
  Language Departments Consortium, University of Toronto: Multimedia Multilingual Database (Graphic designer: Claire Smith)
  Multimedia database on spoken French, University of Toronto, York University: Français parlé (graphic designer and producer: Arash Mohtashami-Maali)
  Courseware on spoken French, University of Toronto, York University: Paroles francophones (graphic designer and producer: Arash Mohtashami-Maali)