SLUGS Executive Election Results

Results are in from today's election! Thanks to everybody who came out to vote. Your new SLUGS Executive team is:

President-External: Angie Regalo
President-Internal: Jessica Yeung
Events Coordinator: Kinza Mahoon
Secretary: Vicki Peter
Information Officer: Zoë McKenzie
Design Coordinator: Sherry Hucklebridge

We're really looking forward to making 2014-15 a great year for you all!

The End-of-Year Party is nigh!

WHEN: Friday April 4th (typically from 4 PM onwards)
WHERE: Linguistics Lounge (4th floor of Sidney Smith; turn right when you get out of the elevator or stairwell, then head down the hall)

You've survived more than 95% of the school year! Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back for us. Only a few days more until you get to relax in the lounge with your friends and eat delicious cake and food and drinks and forget about looming exams for one brief late afternoon! You deserve a break!

SLUGS Executive Elections!

Hello linguists!

WHAT: SLUGS Executive Elections
WHEN: Thursday April 3rd at 6 PM
WHERE: Linguistics Lounge (4th floor of Sidney Smith, take a right after you exit the elevators and go straight to the end of the hall; it'll be on your left)
WHO: You? <3

SLUGS is holding its Executive Elections Thursday April 3rd at 6 PM in the Linguistics Lounge! We are looking to fill five positions this year, described below. Note that "Design Coordinator" is a new position we are eager to fill! If you enjoy making fun graphics, now's your chance to show off your skills!

If you are interested in running, send an email to slugs[at] mentioning which position(s) you are interested in. (You can run for more than one position, but you can only win once!) If you cannot come to the election, but still wish to run, include a campaign blurb we can read at the election on your behalf.

The positions available are:

-Manages SLUGS events and activities, fulfils SLUGS’ obligations to ASSU by attending ASSU meetings and events, ensures responsibilities are delegated and completed successfully.

Events Coordinator
-Assists the external president with club promotion, manages the purchase of food and set up for various events and activities, and brain-storms ideas for SLUGS events.

-Assists the internal president with bookkeeping of the club's expenses and managing our budget. Takes a running log of responsibilities, noting who has to do what and when.

Information Officer
-Manages the online face of the club, forwards emails to the SLUGS listserv, maintains the website (written in PHP, but complete with a user-friendly updating interface thanks to Caroline Liu), and posts from SLUGS social media accounts.

Design Coordinator
-Creates graphics to help promote SLUGS events, for use on the website (when needed), and to help disseminate other information of interest to the SLUGS membership.
Note: Candidates running for Design Coordinator may wish to bring an example of their work to show voters at the election; however, we do not have any formal requirements regarding this.

Congratulations also to Jessica Yeung, our continuing President-Internal! (Manages SLUGS finance binder, keeps SLUGS team updated on department goings-on by attending department meetings, ensures responsibilities are delegated and completed successfully.)

The search for the optimal candidates is on!

TULCON 7 Registration closed

We've ordered all the food now, so registration is closed! You are still very much welcome to come to the conference, however be aware that we may not be able to make accommodations for dietary restrictions and such at this point.

See you this weekend at Bissel! :)

TULCON 7 Updates!

We are pretty much a week away from TULCON now! Woohoo!

  • The schedule is now posted! Check out who's presenting what and when!
  • Please register if you're planning on attending, even if you're just there as a volunteer or don't intend to go for the entire weekend! It really helps us out with our planning. :D (plus, registering for things is so much fun! feels so official...)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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