SLUGS Missions Statement

The Society of Linguistics Undergraduate Students (SLUGS) is committed to increasing the knowledge of and interest in linguistics of people in and outside of the linguistics field. By increasing communication between staff and students, offering guidance, making available information and academic sessions, and promoting interaction among 'word-nerds', SLUGS is dedicated to furthering linguistics.

2015-2016 Executives

President External: Angie Rajani
-Takes care of matters such as SLUGS' events and activities and the promotion thereof.
President Internal: Kinza Mahoon
-Takes care of the inner workings of SLUGS, such as SLUGS' finance binder and the union's human resource allocation.
Social Events Co-ordinator: Mariaelisa Polsinelli
-Assists the external president with club promotion, getting food and taking care of set up for various social events and activities, and brain-storming ideas for SLUGS.
Academic Events Co-ordinator: Neil Banerjee
-Organises academic talks with guest speakers, workshops and info sessions, and works on organising TULCON.
Secretary: Cedric Ludlow
-Assists the internal president with bookkeeping of the club's expenses, managing our budget, taking minutes during meetings, forwards emails to the SLUGS listserv.
Design Co-ordinator: Lina Nguyen
-Creates graphics to help promote SLUGS events, for use on the website, and to help disseminate other information of interest to the SLUGS membership.

Contact Us

Our email address is slugs [AT] chass.utoronto.ca. You can also leave mail for us in our mailbox in the Linguistics Department, 'Like' our Facebook page, join our Facebook group, or follow us on Twitter @UofTSLUGS.