Hello linguists!

TULCON 8 is happening right now! Drop by Bissel 205 (in the Faculty of Information attached to Robarts on the second floor) to check out amazing talks and posters from undergraduate linguists across Canada and the United States!

We also have some great keynote speeches lined up:
Professor Diane Massam: "Two is or not two is: Extra 'be' constructions in English" (Saturday March 14th, 10 AM)
Professor Walter Pedersen: "Again-st Decomposition: Inchoative verbs and adverbial ambiguities" (Saturday March 14th, 3:45 PM)
Professor Ana Pérez-Leroux: "Tiny brains with no minds at all" (Sunday March 15th, 2:40 PM)

For the full schedule, check out this link.

See you there!