Philosophical Clerihews

  © Ronald de Sousa

wasn't curious:
All his leisure
was devoted to pleasure.



When Lucretius
Got facetious,
He'd shout: "The Atom
Will get'em!"


When Aristotle
Took to the bottle
He could scarcely pursue
An end in view.


If Cato
Had met Plato,
He'd have cried: "EEK!
An Ancient Greek!!!"


When Abelard
Ate too much lard
He'd ask Heloise
To give him a squeeze



René Descartes
Brought thinking to a fine art
Anyone who cogitates:
       "Ergo sum!"
Can't be too dumb.


Baruch de Spinoza
Had a girlfriend named Rosa
While he didn't deny it
He kept quiet.


David Hume,
We can safely assume,
Thought Natural Laws
A lost cause.


In the end Gottlob Frege
Got vaguer und vaguer
Till even the names of
     his friendz
No longer made zenz.


When Wittgenstein
Had too much wine
Bertie's set
Thought him rather wet


When Jacques Lacan
Sat on the can
Pearls of Wisdom would drop
With a gentle Plop