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   Recent  Book Reviews 


-Meaning and Individual Temperament.  In International Journal of Existential Psychology & Psychotherapy

-  How to talk yourself out of jealousy, in Shadows of the Soul, ed. Tappolet, Konzelman-Ziv,  & Teroni,   132-42.  

-  Q'est-ce que l'érotisme? co-authored with A. Pismenny. In Petit Traité des Valeurs,  ed. Deonna & Tieffenbach, 132-39.
- Natural Born Existentialists in  Aeon Online Magazine

- Memory and Emotion.  In Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Memory, ed. Kourken Michaelian. 

- Love, Jealousy and Compersion. In Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Love, ed. Chris Grau and Aaron Smuts  (OUP)

- Nature's Purposes and Mine, in How Biology Shapes Philosophy, ed. David Livingstone Smith, Cambridge U Press

- Reasons for Love. In Art, Mind, and Narrative: Themes from the Work of Peter Goldie., ed. Julian Dodd  (OUP).

- Can Antimoralism avoid moralizing? In Dual-Process Theories in Mora Psychology.  ed. Cordula Brand. Speinger.

- The Dense and the Transparent. From The Philosophy of Poetry, edited by John Gibson (OUP)
-Emergence and Empathy, in Institutions, Emotion, and Group Agents,  ed. H-B. Schmid A. Ziv Konzelman. Dordrecht: Springer, 141-158.
-The Myth of Responsibility,  In Emoções e Crime: Filosofia, Ciência, Arte e Direito Penal, ed. M. Fernanda Palma et al., Coimbra : Almedina.
- Philebus: an Untimely Review, in Topoi  32/1
-If we have sex, do we have to die?  in Sex, Reproduction, and Darwin, ed. M-F. de Sousa and Gonzalo Munévar
-Après la Catastrophe  in Critique, Août-Sept. 2012
- Seven Billion Solitudes CPA Presidential 2012
- A  rose by many other names, in Estética das Emoções, ed. F.G. Costa & I. Furão Humus ed., Lisbon.l.51-69.
- Will a Stroke of Neuroscience ever Eradicate Evil? (with Doug Heinrichs) in Responsibility and Psychopathy , ed. L. Malatesti and J. McMillan.
- Existentialism as Biology.  In Emotion Review, 10/20 (2009).
-Here's how I feel: Don't trust your feeling: in Sabine Roeser, ed. Emotions and Risky Technologies
- The Mind's Bermuda Triangle: Philosophy of Emotions and Empirical Science in Peter Goldie, ed. Oxford Handbook of Phil. of Emotions. 2009
-What else is there? Emotions, value and morality. from Critical Quarterly. 2008
-Gender Dichotomies, Sexual Continua, and Emotional Taxonomy (published in Gender Feelings, ed. Verena Mayer and Daniela Ripl.)
-Restoring Emotions’ Bad Rep: The Moral Randomness of Norms. (In European J. of Analytic Phil)
-Truth, Authenticity and Rationality of Emotions (in Dialectica)
-Epistemic Feelings (In Epistemology and Emotions, ed. Georg Brun,Ulvi Doguoglu and Dominique Kuenzle.)
-Grades of Communication (in Sociobiology of Communication, ed. Hughes & D’Ettore.)
-Logic and Biology: Emotional Inference and Emotion in Reasoning (in Reasoning, ed. by Adler and Rips)
-Against Emotional Modularity
-Style, Individuality, and Will: Reflections on Nietzsche (1994)
-Philosophizing about Sex  (.pdf slides)
- Sex, Gossip, and Utopia [from Idea&s autumn 2006 volume 3 : number 2]
- Dust, Ashes, and Vice: on Schroeder's Theory of Desire  (from Dialogu
-Paradoxes of Happiness (pdf)  (from Dalhousie Review)
-Twelve varieties of subjectivity
-Biological Individuality
-The Natural Shiftiness of Natural Kinds
-Peur, terreur, et calcul bayesien   (pdf)
-The Art of the Possible in Life and Literature (pdf)
-Emotional Consistency (pdf)
-Rational Animals: What the Bravest Lion Won't Risk  (pdf)
-Is Art an Adaptation?  (pdf)
-Evolution et Rationalité                (premier chapitre en PDF)
-Sex, Drugs, and Mahler: Reflections on Nussbaum's Upheavals of Thought
-Enfanter et Mourir
-Moral Emotions in Black and White and Colour
-Perversion and Death (abstract in html;   full text in pdf)
-Paradoxical Emotions 
-What I know, what I'd like to think I know, and what I'd like to think (pdf)
-Emotion (Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy)
-Emotional Truth
-Descartes on the Unity of the Self and the Passions (with D. Brown) {PDF only)
-A profession of Stupidity
-Learning to be Natural
-Deux maximes de rationalité émotive
-Contre la Phénoménologie
-Moral Emotions
-(English abstract)  Correspondance pour la vérité périphérique   (French)  Abstract and FULL TEXT
-Les émotions, l'hédonisme immédiat, et le progrès moral     FULL TEXT
-What Aristotle didn't know about sex and death
-Fetishism and Aesthetic Emotion
-Desire and Serendipity
-Metaphors of Mental Multiplicity
-Qu'est-ce que la Vie?O
-Individual Natures
-Arguments from Nature (FULL TEXT ONLY)
-Relativistic Foundationalism.  (FULL TEXT ONLY)
-Does the Eye know calculus?        FULL TEXT
-Kinds of kinds: Individuality and biological species    FULL TEXT
-I am an Animal         FULL TEXT
-'WE' IS 'OTHER':  Group Essentialism and the Paradox of Tolerance FULL TEXT
-Time and Individuality in Artificial Life   FULL TEXT
-Sociology of Sociobiology
-Modeling rationality
-In praise of Gossip
-Love Undigitized
-Love as Theatre
-Individualism and Local Control in Complex Systems (1994)
-Emotions, Education, and Time     FULL TEXT
-Philosophy, Sex and Feminism (with K. P. Morgan 1988)   (FULL TEXT)
-On Kripke's Naming and Necessity (Can Journ. Phil 1974)
-The Good and the True  (FULL TEXT  Pdf Only)
-How to give a piece of your mind (1971)  (FULL TEXT  Pdf Only)
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