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  new               Review of Dennett, From Bacteria to Bach and Back (2017)

 Love and ideology (comments on Shaffer, and Ryan and Jethá)


 Review of Jesse Prinz, The Emotional Construction of Morals (2007)

Review of Solomon, True to our Feelings (2007)

Review of Currie, Arts and Minds (2004)  (with Colin Chamberlain)

Review of Soble, ed., Sex from Plato to Paglia: a Philosophical Encyclopedia (2006)

Review of Pugmire, Sound Sentiments: Integrity in the Emotions (2005)
Review of Sullivan, Eye of the Heart: Knowing the Human Good in the Euthanasia Debate (2005)

Review of Stanovich, The Robot's Rebellion   (2004)
Review of Ben-Ze'ev, Love on Line   (2004)
Review of Adam Morton, The Importance of being understood
Review of Seven Mann, CYBORG.  (2002)
Review of Bringsjord and Ferrucci, Artificial Intelligence and Literary Creativity  (2000)
Review of Stocker & Hegeman, Valuing Emotions  (1998)
Review of Griffiths, What Emotions Really Are  (1997)
Review (in French) of Griffiths and Campbell  (1997)
Review of Radden, Divided Selves  (1996)
Review of Sober and Wilson, Unto Others  (1998)
Review of Joëlle Proust, Comment l'esprit vient aux bętes  (1997)
Review of Alan Gewirth, Self-Fulfillment  (1998)
Review of Damasio and Rosenfield (1994,1992)
Review of  Speaking Minds: interviews with twenty eminent cognitive scientists  (1995)
Review of  BAO Williams, Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy  (NY Times, 1985)



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