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SLA 429F, Taras Shevchenko

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Schedule of Assignments. 2001. Fall Term
Prepare the given assignment for the date indicated.

Further details will be available in class.

Some notes on versification (poetic meter) are available by clicking here.

Rules for transliterating Ukrainian.

Each student must prepare a report, to be presented orally in class in November. For more details about reports, click here.

Each student must write a paper, to be turned in on November 29. For more details about papers, click here.
Sept 13 Introduction, texts distributed in class
20 Kobzar of 1840
27 Hajdamaky
Oct 4 Try lita 1
11 Try lita 2
18 Try lita 3
25 1847-1850
Nov 1 1847-1850
8 1857-1861
15 Diary, Letters, Nazar Stodolja
22 Paintings and drawings (esp. self-portraits)
29 Short Stories
Dec 6 Short Stories

Students must have access to a good edition of Shevchenko's works. While there are very many editions of Shevchenko's works, and most of them are reasonably good, the best editions are these:

In this course, we shall read Shevchenko's works in Ukrainian. That means we will read translations of his diary and his prose works, which he wrote in Russian. The Denysiuk edition has Ukrainian translations of Shevchenko's Russian works. Ukrainian translations of these works are also available in separate publications. These texts will be available for purchase in Xerox packets from the instructor. Efforts are underway to make these texts available on the internet as part of the Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature. Please check the Shevchenko Prose website for availability.

While Shevchenko is not a particularly difficult poet, modern readers do not always understand his allusions, references, and expressions. It is useful to read Shevchenko's works with notes and explanations. The Simovych Kobzar is useful for this specific reason. Some other works that are helpful in this regard are:

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