Ukrainian Studies

University of Toronto

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Ukrainian Literature courses 2018 – 2019
Please note that links to course pages are preliminary. The gerneral outline of each course is stable but there may be changes to the details of the readings and other assignments.
SLA238H Fall Literature of the Ukrainian Canadian Experience Maxim Tarnawsky R1–3
SLA248H Spr Women and Women's Themes in Ukrainian Literature Maxim Tarnawsky T2–4
SLA268H Fall THE COSSACKS! Maxim Tarnawsky W1–3
SLA358H Spr Breaking Away from Empire: Ukrainian Fiction Since IndependenceMaxim Tarnawsky W1–3
SLA429H Spr Taras Shevchenko Maxim Tarnawsky R1–3
Courses that include a Ukrainian component
SLA203H Fall Faking It. Taras Koznarsky R2–4
SLA254H Fall Stone Books to Sky Books Taras Koznarsky T2–4
SLA256H Spr Slavic Folklore Taras Koznarsky T12–2
SLA311H Spr Gogol Taras Koznarsky W2–4
First Year Program Course (Not eligible for program inclusion)
CCR199H. L0381. Fall Imaginary Galicia Maxim Tarnawsky T1–3
There will be no Ukrainian Graduate Courses this year.

Maxim Tarnawsky
Taras Koznarsky
Alumni Hall, Rm 403Alumni Hall, Rm 417
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