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Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama

DRA 3011S

Commedia dell'Arte in France from 1660 to 1760


1697  Expulsion of the Italian Players from Paris by Royal authority.

 "In May of the same year, following the expulsion of the Italian players,  Bertrand rented the latters' theatre and moved in a company of actors: an  order from the king put an end to their performances within eight days."  (Parfaict, Mémoires sur les spectacles de la foire, I, 10)

 At the Foire St. Laurent (July, August, September, 1697), "Fair promoters who considered themselves as the rightful heirs to their [ie. the Italians'] repertory, presented several fragments at this Fair, enlarging their companies with actors capable of performing such plays." (Parfaict, Mémoires sur les spectacles de la foire, I, 11).

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