2. Profil

Historical dictionaries, including the TLF, give 1621 as the date of the first attestation of the word profil. However Poille devotes an entry to it in 1609 and quotes two sources, the Triomphe de Henry (1551), and Belleau (1st ed. 1565):
    «Profil, sur un plinte estoient posees deux Sybilles, un [sic] profil plus grandes que le naturel. T. d. H. // Le profil de ton nez. Belleau.»
As can be seen in the Source text base, the former text gives the collocation en profil ("in profile"), while the latter speaks of the profile of a nose. Moreover, the account of the triumphal entry of Henri II into Rouen (what Poille calls the «Triomphe de Henry») contains a figure that clearly illustrates the referent: the two sibyls are plainly depicted in profile. In the Source text base en profil has a hot link to the image. Similarly, several names in the Early dictionary base screen contain hot links to the Bibliographic base. The latter gives for Belleau, for example, information on the person, on mentions of his name in the dictionary base and on the text base:
    «Belleau: Remy Belleau, 16th c.; a) frequency in the corpus: Marquis 24 occurrences, incl. 11 accompanied by the mention «Bergerie»; Poille 618, incl. 10 with the mention «sur Ronsard»; b) contents of the Belleau base: La Bergerie, Premiere journee (1565).»
The link for «T. d. H.» in Poille goes to a similar note on the Triomphe de Henry.

The Bibliographic base also serves as an index of the mentions of the source texts in the dictionaries and thus allows one to retrieve all the contexts. This function has been realized in the present model base for the mentions of Vitruvius.

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