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1. 4 La Surprise de L'Amour, Marivaux [Occurrences]
2. 3 Le Telemaque Travesti, Marivaux [Occurrences]
3. 2 La Vie de Marianne, Marivaux [Occurrences]
4. 2 Le Paysan Parvenu 5E Partie, Marivaux [Occurrences]
5. 2 Le Paysan Parvenu 1E-4E Partie, Marivaux [Occurrences]
6. 2 Le Spectateur Francais, Marivaux [Occurrences]
7. 1 La Mere Confidente, Marivaux [Occurrences]
8. 1 Le Cabinet du Philosophe, Marivaux [Occurrences]
9. 1 L'Ile des Esclaves, Marivaux [Occurrences]
10. 1 Arlequin Poli Par L'Amour, Marivaux [Occurrences]

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