Abbreviations and other conventions

BL British Library
BM Bibliothèque municipale
BN Bibliothèque nationale de France
CA Catholicon abbreviatum
DFL Dictionaire François-latin
DLG Dictionarium Latino-gallicum
DLV Dictionarius of Firmin Le Ver
GGL Glossarium gallico-latinum
GKW Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke
MPST mss. de Montpellier et de Stockholm du Catholicon latin-français
OBL University of Oxford, Bodleian Library
s.v. sub voce
VFC Vocabularius familiaris et compendiosus
VN/EV Vocabularius Nebrissensis/Epithoma vocabulorum
[ ] markers of text added or removed
[text] = text we have added
[...] = text we have removed
" " markers of a citation
> becomes
< comes from
Contractions (e.g. "ã" = 'an' or 'am', "q;" = 'que', etc.) found in citations from manuscript and print documents, are printed in full. The letters "u" and "v", whether in Latin or French, are printed as they would sound phonetically (e.g. "Vt" is written 'Ut', "souuenir" is written 'souvenir'.
When a lemma is shown as a unit of treatment in an exhibit or example, it is printed in bold type. The use of upper or lower case for a lemma follows the use of the source document. In Latin-French dictionaries, italic type is used to indicate French as the language of exit.