FRE 488/1114 La traduction et le World Wide Web

Bases neurales de la conscience

  • Department of Philosophy, University of Arizona Titre "What is a Neural Correlate of Consciousness?". La page contient "the neural bases of consciousness".
  • University of Surrey "Philosophy of Mind". La page contient "Neural Bases of Consciousness" = titre d'un cours.


    Google trouve onze occurrences de "neuro-imagers", dont
  • Washington University in St. Louis "Secrets of Neural Networking Revealed". La page contient "Special microscopes make all the difference for neuro-imagers."
  • "GOING INSIDE - the book" La page contient "The dynamism that Kosslyn and other neuro-imagers were seeing at the whole brain level was just as troublesome at the level of individual brain cells."
  • "GOING INSIDE - the features" La page contient "But the neuro-imagers have had to convince the rest of neuroscience that their new fangled gear produces reliable results - that the pictures really mean something."
  • London Review of Books Dont "If Fodor had aimed his critique at the bizarre but all too common view that there is a localised brain module that turns on or off for each distinct class of thoughts in a fantasy taxonomy of cognition, he would have had me and a number of other dissident neuro-imagers rallying to his cry."
  • National Institutes of Health, US Government "PEDIATRIC BRAIN TUMOR CLINICAL TRIALS CONSORTIUM". Dont "experienced neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists, and neuro-imagers with access to the latest generation of imaging equipment"