FRE 488/1114 La traduction et le World Wide Web

La mesure du temps

Question 3. Trouver jusque trois sites anglais qui nomment et expliquent pour le calendrier révolutionnaire : les années, les mois, les décades, les jours de la décade, les jours de l'année. Lequel est le meilleur? (Expliquez)

  • Olivier

    This website gives more of a historic of the calendar, explaining who contributed to the project (poets, mathematicians, etc...).  The site gives most of the answers asked above but does not go into much more detail. gives just the basics 'what would happen if it was a leap year, etc... '  Not a very good site that goes in depth.
    Information from an online encylcopedia ( were very superficial.
    Another good site was, which for me tied with the first website offered.  It gave a good overview of the calendar and explained the key points in depth.

  • Emanuel

    (there's a tie for 1st!)

    #1] The French Revolutionary Calendar
    A clear and easy-to-read layout that gives the French terms with English translations, along with an explanation

    #1] French Revolutionary Calendar [from Wikipedia]
    Offers a good explanation and listing of terms

    #3] The French Revolutionary Calendar
    A more textual explanation of the terms, but the highlight is the fact that you can convert any date since 1792 to the Jacobin calendar!

  • Jacqueline


    This last site is the best.  All the required information to answer the above questions is there plus additional historical information and links to other sites.

  • Karine (The french republican calendar) (French republican calendar)

    Le meilleur site... (French republican calendar)est le meilleur site car l'information se trouve rapidement.