FRE 488/1114 La traduction et le World Wide Web

La mesure du temps

Question 7. Trouver un site anglais qui donne de bonnes illustrations d'instruments de mesure travers le temps.

  • Olivier

    7. Other than, A Walk Through Time <<>>
    offers an illustrated tour of the different instruments used throughout time...
    from Stonehenge to a map showing the time zones. With text around these
    pictures, one can better understand the hardships of being able to tell time throughout the years.

  • Emanuel

    The site from is amazing! Clockworks: From Sundials to the Atomic Second

    It provides animated illustrations, history, description and other interesting information about: Sundials, Clepsydra, Astrolabes, Candle Clocks, Sandglasses, Weight-Driven Clocks, Spring-Driven Clocks, Pendulum Clocks, Quartz Watches, and Cesium Atomic Clocks.

  • Jacqueline
    Un site avec plusieurs liens plusieurs sites qui donnent de bonnes illustrations d'instruments travers le temps.

  • Karine
    (a walk through time)