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From 9 to 5 most week days, I work as a palaeographer, Latinist, and general research associate and editor at the Records of Early English Drama project at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. It's a great job in a wonderful working environment doing interesting things which my training at the University of Toronto and the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies prepared me for. But in my "real life," I study the history of scriptural commentaries during the Middle Ages, am a keen amateur of New Testament Studies, and have begun exploring my genealogy and family history. This home page reflects the family history interests and is currently divided into two parts.

First, an essay on the Kerfoot family of Virginia, reflecting especially the branch from which I am descended. Second, a paper on a particular problem in Wingfield genealogy that I've been working on for some time now, the identitiy of Thomas Wingfield, thought by some to be the link between the English Wingfield family and the Virginia (and other North American) Wingfields. I hope which latter will soon be joined by a family history essay on my branch of the Wingfields, of Hanover County and Richmond, Virginia. I hope that others also working on these families will find parts of this page worth reading or even worth quoting. If so, I ask that you let me know and that you respect my copyright in the various writings here. My e-mail address is

Abigail Ann Young Toronto, Ontario October 2002

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